What if the world of link and zelda had brands ?

Since the Hylian Economic Treaty established by the Royal Family in 2017, people of Hyrule were encouraged to start their own companies, starting a new wave of brands in the realm. Interested by the new age of the mythical kingdom, our agency was mandated to develop and design visual identities according to the desires of Hylians.


Led by the mysterious Mojo Tree, the Kokiri Tribe stood up to defend nature's rights, becoming the first eco-active organization of Hyrule. Today, this ideology grew so much that even some hylians call themself Kokiris, and a lot of voluntary eco-actions are done in the kingdom, on the behalf of the Mojo tree

Using the name of the proud all-female gerudo tribe, the extremist group Gerudo have one and only purpose, to make the entire realm fall into darkness. Led by a mysterious and unknown figure, this barbaric group will stop at nothing to achieve that goal, and will even deal with dark and ancient magic to do so.

Hyrule Bank

If keeping your rupees in your old family chest for safe keeping isn't enough for you, and you are tired of carrying 999 rupees at best on your person... The Hyrule Bank is made for you ! Created by tingle, the best loving fairies human there is, the Hyrule Bank became quickly one of the most successful institute in all of the realm. With caring staff and state of the art security system, the company even offers short term loans at the best rate on the market.

Kakariko air force

Strength in number ! The Kakariko Air Force's motto make things clear : Every problem has a solution, and the more the merrier. Located in the small village of Kakariko, this mercenarie group is composed of a large number of soldier trained to deal with all types of situations, especially ambushes : numbers of highway bandits were caught by a shower of warriors as they thought they were attacking a defenseless prey.


The Ezlo insurance is a must subscribe for every freelance manufacturer : inspired by a childish story about small beings, theses mysterious agents have the reputation to right every wrong of the day, overnight. They don't disturb you, you don't even see them, but you know you can sleep tight : because when they do something, it's perfect, even magical.

Fairy sisters pottery

In Hyrule, there is a pot for everything : from storing arrows, bombs, water or fairies to magical teleportation. Born from the mind of the great fairy Venus, the fairy sisters have two goals : creating pots with many purposes and replacing those who broke. Their efficiency deals with mistery, and everybody loves it.